5 Ways to Inject a Dose of Character into Your Home

Most people enjoy furnishing their homes and allowing the style to match their personal taste for a space that feels comfortable. With interior decorators costing thousands of dollars, it’s normal for homeowners to decorate the space themselves and do their best with the layout. Unfortunately, it can be easy to have a bland space that doesn’t look unique. To add character in your home and allow it to feel one of a kind, there are a few ways to enhance the design.

1. Use Wallpaper on Accent Walls

As one of the most popular interior design trends of the year, wallpaper has made its comeback and is more updated than your grandmother’s floral patterns on her walls. Apply the product to an accent wall in a living room, bathroom, or bedroom to add extra detail and dimension.

2. Reupholster Old Furniture

Instead of purchasing new furniture, opt for adding character in your home with old pieces that can be given a facelift. Shop flea markets and second-hand stores for great finds that can be upholstered with modern fabrics.

3. Install Contemporary Shutters

Enhance the look of your windows with easy to install shutters that offer a beautiful feature to both the interior and exterior of the home. The shutters will make for an easy upgrade from traditional blinds and will allow the space to feel cozy throughout the year.

4. Add Antique Features

Not every piece of decor has to serve a purpose in the home. Add extra character throughout the space by adding antique features, which can include an old tricycle that is placed near an entryway or weathered frames that are grouped together on the mantle. The features will each be one of a kind and look unique with their style.

5. Mismatch Different Pieces

For a look that is truly your own in the home, avoid having everything match and complement one another. Use different sizes and styles of mirrors on a wall, group old and new picture frames in the hallway, and use different fabrics on the couches for a warm space that doesn’t feel sterile.

To inject a dose of character in your home, it’s important to use pieces that you find in a variety of different stores or flea markets. Allow the space to stand out by adding different fabrics and patterns for a look that is hand-picked and comfortable.

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