What Determines Air Conditioning Service Call Costs?

air conditioner service costsThe headaches of a broken central air conditioning system in your home can only get worse when you gave no idea how much the AC and heating repair costs are going to be.

If nothing more, having a range of repair prices that you can use to budget can make the difference between fixing it today or having to wait another week and another paycheck to get your home air conditioner fixed!

In this HVAC guide, we look at several common repairs that home air conditioners may need. We also provide approximate price ranges charged for fixing the problems, and get some cool air flowing into your home again as quickly as possible.

We also need to stress that the prices listed below are only estimates, based on our knowledge of the parts cost and the street labor rate most commonly charged by contractors at Home Advisor.

That said, each company has its own rates and overheads to account for. Therefore, the prices you may end up paying may differ slightly from the cost ranges below. The only way to get an exact cost, is to get online quotes from companies that serve your area.

AC Repair Service Call Prices

The service call price is most often a flat rate the company charges just to send out a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose your broken air conditioner and give you an exact quote for the repair cost.

The service cost is charged depending on the day of the week, time of day, and current demand. The service may cost more on weekends or holidays. The same also applies to calls after normal business hours. The call out service charge can range from $50 to $200 depending on different factors.

Many contractors may waive the service call fee if you complete the repairs during the same visit. Do not take that lightly. This is because if the technician leaves your home and you call back after 2 days, they incur the same travel and dispatch costs again. This means you will have to pay another service call fee.

While the costs of HVAC repair may be fixed on a contractor’s website, there are several other things that can go wrong with your home AC unit causing one repair to lead to another, etc. For instance, a new compressor may require a refrigerant recharge and a new power supply disconnect to the breaker panel. Most qualified HVAC repair companies will walk you through all charges before they ever start doing the work.


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