Step By Step Guide to Removing Stains on Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl is strong enough to withstand multiple kinds of abuse. The material is used in different settings, from table cloths to clothing, flooring to upholstery,

There are various reasons why vinyl is so popular. For example, it is inexpensive and resistant to cracking, staining, and tearing.

However, hair dye tends to stain vinyl, especially if it dries on the surface. We all know stains can be unsightly.

stained vinyl upholstery

However, if your vinyl is stained, there’s no need to panic. You can remove the stain by yourself without damaging the material. All you need are the right household stain removal products that are both user and environmental-friendly.  Follow the same tips for choosing a carpet cleaner when looking for a stain remover.

Read on to find out how to remove stains from vinyl upholstery. But first, you will need to make a vinyl stain remover.

How to Make Vinyl Stain Remover

You need a solution that will remove the stains on your vinyl upholstery. You can easily make a working solution with some household products.

To make a vinyl stain remover, measure a tablespoon of oil-free dishwasher soap and pour it in a clean bowl or bucket. The oil-free dishwasher soap will prevent any residue from showing on the vinyl.

From there, add a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar and two cups of lukewarm water. Stir the mixture until it forms suds.

Finally, pour the vinyl cleaner in a spray bottle using a funnel.

Now that you have your stain remover, it’s time to work on the vinyl upholstery.

How to Remove Stains from Vinyl Upholstery

Follow the steps below:

1.      Treat the Vinyl Upholster

You need to remove any dirt or dust particles accumulated on the upholstery before you spray. This debris can form mud once you start spraying, and stain the vinyl further. Use a soft cloth to wipe and remove the particles.

If the dirt is too much, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. We recommend the Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum HV391. This is the best corded stick vacuum cleaner on the market.

After dusting the surface, you can now apply the solution.

image of someone cleaning vinyl car seats

Use as much cleaning solution as you want. However, be careful when cleaning. For example, use a little cleaner for vinyl seats to prevent moisture from finding its way to the cushion.

2.      Remove the Stains

Let the vinyl cleaner …

Tips for Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

carpet cleaningYou can increase the lifespan of your carpets by cleaning them on a regular basis. To achieve a proper clean, you need a good-quality carpet cleaner. Patty Rael, a staff member of one of the leading cleaner Sunshine Coast companies dives into what one needs to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner.

There are many carpet cleaner models in the market. However, most of the cleaners are just dud. So, how can you determine that the cleaner you want to buy will be a good investment?

What to Consider When Buying a Carpet Cleaner

Whether you want to buy a carpet cleaner for your cleaning company or use at home, it is important to do some research before shopping. Some of the things you should consider before choosing a carpet include the model, cost, and features.

How Much Should You Pay?

There are various models of carpet cleaners in the market. Some cost under a hundred dollars while others cost several hundred dollars. Generally, you get what you pay for. Cheaper carpet cleaners are usually not great in terms of performance as those priced higher.

A carpet cleaner that costs a couple of hundred dollars will leave your carpets invigorated, refreshed and fantastically clean. Majority of carpet cleaning machines that cost less than a hundred dollars do not produce the shine you many people want.

However, price is not the only thing to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Some carpet cleaners that cost more than a hundred dollars are awful when it comes to lifting grime. Some may still leave carpets grubby. This is why you need to consider more than price when looking to buy a carpet cleaner.

Major Types of Carpet Cleaners

There are two main types of carpet cleaners. These are the standard and multifunction types.

Standard carpet cleaners are primarily meant for cleaning. However, they cannot pick up loose dirt and debris. Therefore, before using them, you’ll have to vacuum the carpet.

Multi function cleaners are two-in-one cleaners. This means you can use them to not only vacuum the carpet, but also wash. When you have a multi-function vacuum cleaner, you won’t need to get a separate vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t have a lot of free space in your home, buying a multi-function carpet cleaner will be ideal. However, most multi function carpet cleaners do not rival standalone vacuum cleaners when it …

How To Clean Microfiber Couch With Carpet Shampooer

Read this article to learn how to clean microfiber couch with carpet shampooer.How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Carpet Shampooer

Microfiber sofas are thought to be capable of repelling dirt, stains and soil.  The material is made up of rayon, polyester and nylon. Certainly, your couch might not get grimy and dirty like the rest of the furniture in your house, but still, you’ll need to clean it at some point. Microfiber mostly attracts skin oils and pet hair.

Carpet shampooers, also known as steam vacuums, uses shampoo or detergent formulated particularly for upholstery applied on chairs and sofas to clean. You can clean your couch using a shampooer that has an upholstery attachment. Shampooing removes heavy soils, odors and stains that are stubborn which a regular upholstery spot cleaner cannot remove.

While carpet shampoos are versatile cleaners, they should not be used on light-fabric clothes. For example, you should not use the shampoos on your best sports bra for large breasts as they can destroy the fabric.

Tools for Cleaning Microfiber with Carpet Shampooer

Things you need:

  • Rug shampooer
  • Upholstery/Carpet detergent
  • Vacuum
  • Lint remover

How to Clean Microfiber With Carpet Shampooer

  1. Vacuum to remove any debris or dirt that might be on the surface of the sofa or bras for low cut dresses in the front. Remove the sofa cushions then clean both sides including the crannies and nooks.
  2. Run the lint remover over the couch to get rid of pet hair. The hair lifts off easily when dry. It gets hard to remove once the couch is wet.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s label on the couch or fabric tags and see if it has W/S or W. If you get either of the two codes on the label or tag, it’s safe to use shampooer on your sofa.
  4. The rug shampooer should be filled with some hot water plus three ounces of upholstery/carpet detergent. Pour the cleaner in the spout, following the directives of the manufacturer.
  5. Slide the panel at the front upwards and off from the shampooer’s recovery tank. Slip a hose connector on the wand attachment of the upholstery in the panel slot at the front of the recovery tank then snap in place.
  6. Switch on the shampooer. The upholstery attachment has a nozzle that you will press in the fabric of the sofa. Pulling the trigger, move the outlet slowly over the couch towards you. Overlap every pass made by the nozzle

Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

When you are preparing to sell your house, you want it sold fast and to fetch a lot of money. That sounds amazing, isn’t it? If that is the case, then don’t rely on luck to make it happen.

You have to plan carefully and understand how to spruce that house professionally so as to attract a lot of buyers. If you want to sell your house, follow the tips below contributed by the staff from to make it irresistible to the expected buyers and marketable.

1.      Get the House Out of Your Head

Although it is a difficult decision for you to make, learn how to let that house go, however much you had a connection to it. To make that break, consider the below tips:

  • Tell yourself that the house is just any other product that needs to be sold.
  • You have to “let go” of your emotions and focus ahead on settling elsewhere.
  • Draw a picture of you giving the new buyer the house keys and the envelopes that have all the appliance warranties
  • Before exiting the house after you have sold it, enter every good as a way to saying goodbye to your entire house. You need also to stand at the doorway and speak out loudly about your memories.
  • You need to get into the future by focusing ahead.

2.      De-Personalize

You have to pack all your personal photographs and any other valuable objects belonging to the family. You don’t want the new house buyers not to like the house because of your past personal artifacts. The new buyers need to get to a new start at the newly purchased home. The following steps below will make you achieve that:

 (a)De-cluttering is the number one priority

Collect all your past junk items. Ask yourself, “Do I need this item?’’. Some of the items might have stayed for over a year and were not in use.

  • Donate or throw away any item that you were not using
  • Remove all the books from the bookcases
  • Make sure you leave your kitchen clean
  • Using a small box, pack all the important things that you were using. Store these items safely inside a closet in case they will not be needed immediately.

(b). Rearrange bedroom closets and storage cabinets

You need to understand that every, if not all buyers, are always eager to know what is inside the …

What Determines Air Conditioning Service Call Costs?

air conditioner service costsThe headaches of a broken central air conditioning system in your home can only get worse when you gave no idea how much the AC and heating repair costs are going to be.

If nothing more, having a range of repair prices that you can use to budget can make the difference between fixing it today or having to wait another week and another paycheck to get your home air conditioner fixed!

In this HVAC guide, we look at several common repairs that home air conditioners may need. We also provide approximate price ranges charged for fixing the problems, and get some cool air flowing into your home again as quickly as possible.

We also need to stress that the prices listed below are only estimates, based on our knowledge of the parts cost and the street labor rate most commonly charged by contractors at Home Advisor.

That said, each company has its own rates and overheads to account for. Therefore, the prices you may end up paying may differ slightly from the cost ranges below. The only way to get an exact cost, is to get online quotes from companies that serve your area.

AC Repair Service Call Prices

The service call price is most often a flat rate the company charges just to send out a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose your broken air conditioner and give you an exact quote for the repair cost.

The service cost is charged depending on the day of the week, time of day, and current demand. The service may cost more on weekends or holidays. The same also applies to calls after normal business hours. The call out service charge can range from $50 to $200 depending on different factors.

Many contractors may waive the service call fee if you complete the repairs during the same visit. Do not take that lightly. This is because if the technician leaves your home and you call back after 2 days, they incur the same travel and dispatch costs again. This means you will have to pay another service call fee.

While the costs of HVAC repair may be fixed on a contractor’s website, there are several other things that can go wrong with your home AC unit causing one repair to lead to another, etc. For instance, a new compressor may require a refrigerant recharge and a new power supply disconnect to …