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  • Step By Step Guide to Removing Stains on Vinyl Upholstery

    Step By Step Guide to Removing Stains on Vinyl Upholstery

    Vinyl is strong enough to withstand multiple kinds of abuse. The material is used in different settings, from table cloths to clothing, flooring to upholstery, There are various reasons why vinyl is so popular. For example, it is inexpensive and resistant to cracking, staining, and tearing. However, hair dye tends to stain vinyl, especially if […]

  • Tips for Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

    You can increase the lifespan of your carpets by cleaning them on a regular basis. To achieve a proper clean, you need a good-quality carpet cleaner. Patty Rael, a staff member of one of the leading cleaner Sunshine Coast companies dives into what one needs to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner. There are many […]

  • How To Clean Microfiber Couch With Carpet Shampooer

    Read this article to learn how to clean microfiber couch with carpet shampooer. Microfiber sofas are thought to be capable of repelling dirt, stains and soil.  The material is made up of rayon, polyester and nylon. Certainly, your couch might not get grimy and dirty like the rest of the furniture in your house, but […]

  • Top Safety Tips When Hiring a Skip

    Top Safety Tips When Hiring a Skip

    Whether you’re renovating, recycling, or decluttering, you can’t beat a skip bin. However, like anything, there are safety hazards that a few simple tips will help you avoid. Stack Your Skip Bin Sensibly Instead of piling everything on top of everything else, give some consideration for what’s at the bottom of your skip bin. The […]