[Guide] Buying the Best Garage Door

buying a garage doorSearching for the right garage door can be a challenging task if you don’t know what to consider. However, the process can be easy if you have some basic tips up your sleeve. Below, we look at some of the factors you should consider to find a good garage door.


As the cost of energy keeps rising, it’s important to get a garage door that is energy-efficient. Over the years, consumers have been demanding energy efficient garage doors to lower their energy costs and contribute to a green environment. Getting an energy-efficient door is also important if you will be using your garage as a place to meet with people or a workplace rather than simply a storage area.

You should check the thermal property garage door insulation  you want to buy. The property is usually expressed in R-value. Doors rated with a higher R-value will keep off noise from the outside and operate more quietly.

Many insulated garage doors in the market are built using polyurethane foam and polystyrene. Therefore, if you are looking for thermal efficiency and a high R-Value, do not simply buy a door because it is thick. You may be easily fooled.

You can find a polyurethane insulated door that looks thinner than a polystyrene one. However, it may have a higher insulation R-value. This is due to the way the insulation expands when the door is manufactured. The expansion of the insulation makes the door incredibly strong and better insulated.

Design Style

Garage doors come in different design styles. Why settle for ordinary doors when modern, stylish ones are within your reach? Reputable garage door shops like Garador have doors that come in different designs, colours, sizes and insulation values.

For example, there are the classic steel garage doors that feature a traditional panel design of recessed or raised panels. These panels can either be short or long. There are a number of window options that can complement the look of your home.

You can also go for carriage house steel garage door models that look like swinging stable doors but have the durability of steel. While these doors appear to swing open, they move up and down just like regular garage doors. Windows and other decors that complement this garage door style are also available.

If your home is built in modern design, you should check out contemporary aluminium garage door models. …

5 Ways to Inject a Dose of Character into Your Home

Most people enjoy furnishing their homes and allowing the style to match their personal taste for a space that feels comfortable. With interior decorators costing thousands of dollars, it’s normal for homeowners to decorate the space themselves and do their best with the layout. Unfortunately, it can be easy to have a bland space that doesn’t look unique. To add character in your home and allow it to feel one of a kind, there are a few ways to enhance the design.

1. Use Wallpaper on Accent Walls

As one of the most popular interior design trends of the year, wallpaper has made its comeback and is more updated than your grandmother’s floral patterns on her walls. Apply the product to an accent wall in a living room, bathroom, or bedroom to add extra detail and dimension.

2. Reupholster Old Furniture

Instead of purchasing new furniture, opt for adding character in your home with old pieces that can be given a facelift. Shop flea markets and second-hand stores for great finds that can be upholstered with modern fabrics.

3. Install Contemporary Shutters

Enhance the look of your windows with easy to install shutters that offer a beautiful feature to both the interior and exterior of the home. The shutters will make for an easy upgrade from traditional blinds and will allow the space to feel cozy throughout the year.

4. Add Antique Features

Not every piece of decor has to serve a purpose in the home. Add extra character throughout the space by adding antique features, which can include an old tricycle that is placed near an entryway or weathered frames that are grouped together on the mantle. The features will each be one of a kind and look unique with their style.

5. Mismatch Different Pieces

For a look that is truly your own in the home, avoid having everything match and complement one another. Use different sizes and styles of mirrors on a wall, group old and new picture frames in the hallway, and use different fabrics on the couches for a warm space that doesn’t feel sterile.

To inject a dose of character in your home, it’s important to use pieces that you find in a variety of different stores or flea markets. Allow the space to stand out by adding different fabrics and patterns for a look that is hand-picked and comfortable.…

5 Essential Tools for Holiday Decoration

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to start decorating your home and property. Decorating is an art form and it takes the right tools as well as a healthy dose of creativity! While you won’t need an assortment of complicated tools, it’s important to assemble a number of essential tools that will help you get the job done. Let’s look at five important tools that will help you transform your home during the holiday season.

1. A Sturdy Ladder

Depending on how many stories your home has, you may need more than one ladder. A good stepladder is sufficient for indoor decorating and even some outdoor tasks. You may also need a solid extension ladder if you’re going to be installing decorations high up or on the roof. Make sure the ladder you use is well supported and have someone hold onto it for support while you’re working.

2. Extension Cords

Extension cords are a must for installing holiday lights. They come in many sizes, so be sure that you have ones that are long enough for your purposes. There are also cords for indoor and outdoor use. Only use cords that are UL-listed if you are going to use them outdoors.

3. Surge Protectors

A surge protector ensures that you can safely power a large number of lights indoors or outdoors. Depending on how ambitious your decorating plans are, you may need more than one surge protector. Keep in mind that power strips are not the same as surge protectors. Surge protectors are more powerful and designed to safely manage changes in electrical current.

4. Timer

A timer will allow you to save on power costs and preserve the life of your bulbs. This will allow you to program your lighting according to a schedule you prefer. Without a timer, you will have to manually turn lights off when you don’t need them, something you can easily forget to do.

5. Drills and Drill Bits

Quality drills and drill bits are essential for any work where you have to hang items such as lights or other decorations. If your current tools are worn out or rusty, you should consider purchasing some new ones from a reliable supplier such as Richards Micro-Tool.

These are some of the essential tools you should have handy before you begin decorating. When you have everything you need nearby, you’ll find it …

Hand-Carved French Furniture

A lot has been said about the French culture but one thing that stands out is the romantic touch experienced in almost all aspects of this culture. Interestingly, this and many other elements of French are being adopted by homeowners every day. Majority of modern homes have an aspect of French in them.

You too can modify your home and make it more French with a set of hand-carved French furniture. Most of these fittings imitate the famous Rocco movement- an 18th century style that affected almost all aspects of art including furniture, architecture, painting and interior design. Most furniture designers today emulate this style as it present a unique taste of French culture, which happens to be unique and timeless.

For the lovers of attractive and feminine interior fixtures, hand carved French furniture is an ideal option. Even if you do not have a specific design that seems to work for you, the Rocco style is quite universal and can help you transform a rather plain room into a spectacular space. Hand-carved fixtures tend to be more concise as the designer takes time to ensure every part of a set falls perfectly into place. Therefore, you should expect to have well constructed furniture with no protruding screws.

Another important thing about French fittings is that they boast lighthearted themes which are perfect for intimate spaces such as bedrooms and dining rooms. Studies have shown that most indoor designs today are made of French Rocco fittings.

Whether they are made of wood or metal, these furnishings are able to dress up a room in a fashionable style, giving it a more innovative look. This style of furniture brings an asymmetric effect to a room, leaving different elements uneven for a unique look. If utilized properly, French Rocco fittings will leave your house looking more comfortable and versatile.

With hand-carved French furniture, you can get the exact style and pattern you want because it’s made-for-order. Since its inception, the French style has remained rather reserved with a few improvements here and there. The furniture is mostly made of wood and other less robust natural and artificial materials.

Mahogany French furniture lasts for a long time due to the quality of the wood and the unique style, which is less susceptible to harsh conditions. Although most of these fixtures come with special finishes, you can still boost their longevity by covering them …