What Determines Air Conditioning Service Call Costs?

air conditioner service costsThe headaches of a broken central air conditioning system in your home can only get worse when you gave no idea how much the AC and heating repair costs are going to be.

If nothing more, having a range of repair prices that you can use to budget can make the difference between fixing it today or having to wait another week and another paycheck to get your home air conditioner fixed!

In this HVAC guide, we look at several common repairs that home air conditioners may need. We also provide approximate price ranges charged for fixing the problems, and get some cool air flowing into your home again as quickly as possible.

We also need to stress that the prices listed below are only estimates, based on our knowledge of the parts cost and the street labor rate most commonly charged by contractors at Home Advisor.

That said, each company has its own rates and overheads to account for. Therefore, the prices you may end up paying may differ slightly from the cost ranges below. The only way to get an exact cost, is to get online quotes from companies that serve your area.

AC Repair Service Call Prices

The service call price is most often a flat rate the company charges just to send out a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose your broken air conditioner and give you an exact quote for the repair cost.

The service cost is charged depending on the day of the week, time of day, and current demand. The service may cost more on weekends or holidays. The same also applies to calls after normal business hours. The call out service charge can range from $50 to $200 depending on different factors.

Many contractors may waive the service call fee if you complete the repairs during the same visit. Do not take that lightly. This is because if the technician leaves your home and you call back after 2 days, they incur the same travel and dispatch costs again. This means you will have to pay another service call fee.

While the costs of HVAC repair may be fixed on a contractor’s website, there are several other things that can go wrong with your home AC unit causing one repair to lead to another, etc. For instance, a new compressor may require a refrigerant recharge and a new power supply disconnect to …

Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems make it possible to produce green, environmentally friendly electric power that could be used to power appliances and devices. Solar power systems are able to assist with powering your house as well as your office. By using the solar energy from the sun, we are able harness direct sunlight and transform that renewable energy directly into a usable source of electricity. In recent times, our solar panel technology has become more advanced, enabling us to take full advantage of the sunlight we receive.

To be able to take advantage of solar energy from sunlight, solar power systems are setup on side of your roof that gets the most direct sunlight. These types of solar panel systems transform the power from the sun’s rays straight into a DC current which can be passed through to the converter. The converter then changes the current from DC to AC.

There are two primary kinds of solar panels that are used today, electricity solar panels and hot water solar panels. These two solar power systems enable you to either produce electric power or create hot water through a solar geyser.

In recent years our technology has become highly advanced, and so has our ability to produce effective solar power systems. This makes the use of photo voltaic power a lot more feasible to property owners as well as companies over the traditional fossil fuel sources we have become accustomed to.

For anyone who is thinking about long term electricity needs, consider installing a solar power system at home. They are the most effective solution to produce clean, renewable, free power and improve the property value of your house.

Generating your own electricity has become easy, and learning how to create your own electricity has become more appealing to most people. Consider how much money you could actually save by using one of these systems, as well as the reduced carbon footprint along the way. Another good point to remember is that extra solar energy that you create can also be sold back to the electricity companies.

Lastly it is important to understand that non-renewable fuels have taken thousands of years to be formed, making them finite. If people don’t start switching to renewable sources of energy in the near future, we will end up running out of power.…

Energy Saving Appliance Hacks

Improving the energy efficiency in your home and cutting down on those energy expenses doesn’t always mean you have to buy the latest appliances or gadgets. By simply changing the way you use certain items in your home, you can get much more use out of them and much more value for money at the same time.

Cold Water Washes
Where possible, wash your clothes in cold water. This means that your washing machine does not have to use extra energy to heat the water, and your clothes will still be clean at the end. This may not be as effective for heavily stained clothes or fabrics, but for a regular wash, using cold water is an effective and energy efficient tactic.

High-Efficiency Bulbs
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are the latest innovation in low energy, high-efficiency lighting. Compared to the traditional 60 watt bulbs, CFLs use up to 75% less energy, which is a staggering amount. Studies have shown that the energy saved annually with the use of CFLs is equivalent to lighting 3 million homes, and preventing the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 800,000 cars. CFLs are available from most homeware stores and by installing these in your home or business, you will soon reap the financial rewards.

Use Lids on Pots and Pans
An incredibly simple, technology-free energy hack that will increase your efficiency by a surprising amount. Leaving the lids on pans when boiling water or food speeds up the time it takes for the water to be boiled, meaning the flame or hob needs to be turned on at a lower strength, for less time.

Avoid Standby Mode
Although very useful and time saving when it comes to switching on appliances like TVs, set top boxes and games consoles, standby mode consumes a significant amount of energy, even if it is a considerably smaller amount than when the appliances are left on. If you consider that you may leave your TV on standby when you leave for work in the morning, that is a full day of the TV still using power, even though nobody is watching it. Turn appliances like this off at the wall to save your electricity.

Air Drying Clothes
Using a dryer to get your clothes dry quickly is obviously a very attractive option, but dryers use a large amount of energy. Find a place where there is enough …