What You Need to Know About Vinyl Flooring before Installing Them

If you are planning to install vinyl flooring for your house, then you should be knowledgeable about the different aspects you have to consider. Even though this type of flooring has been in the industry since 1930’s, there have been a lot of improvements and innovations throughout the time brought about by the growing competition in the market. Using vinyl has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages, so you have to make sure that you weigh them properly depending on your specific needs.

The Big Upside of Using Vinyl as Flooring
Vinyl flooring is very useful and beneficial today because of multiple factors. The best upside with this type of flooring is the varied design options you could choose from. There are a lot of different patterns and colors as well. You can mix and match different types of vinyl depending on your personal preference. You can either choose the composite, printed or solid vinyl. The printed vinyl flooring has more freedom compared to the other two because it is more flexible in terms of design. Elements and materials can be combined with the printed vinyl. Other upsides of this type of vinyl are the following:

• Strong Durability Factor
Vinyl flooring is very durable because of its excellent and sturdy surface. With a sturdy material to begin with, this type of flooring can last up to 20 years if they are taken care of properly. However, it will still depend on the quality of the flooring that you bought.

This flooring is also stain-resistant because of its surface barrier. This gives protection from any kind of spill and stain. The most resistant to stains though are the vinyl sheets and tiles. The solid and composite kinds of vinyl flooring are more high maintenance than the two later mentioned.
The different types of this flooring, if it is properly installed, can be water resistant. This is what makes it very advantageous to install in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen floor since these parts of the house usually have high moisture and humidity present.

• Low-cost Flooring Type
Installing vinyl flooring costs lower than installing other types of flooring. This will particularly refer to the common type of vinyl since the premium kind can cost twice more compared to the common one. The price of the vinyl will depend on the quality of the product as well as …

Top Safety Tips When Hiring a Skip

Whether you’re renovating, recycling, or decluttering, you can’t beat a skip bin. However, like anything, there are safety hazards that a few simple tips will help you avoid.

Stack Your Skip Bin Sensibly
Instead of piling everything on top of everything else, give some consideration for what’s at the bottom of your skip bin. The best approach is to treat your skip bin like a shopping bag. Place the heaviest debris at the bottom, spread it as evenly as possible, and then place other items on top. This will stop debris suddenly moving and will also mean you can fit more in it.

Don’t Overfill

One of the most common hazards with skip bins comes from overfilling. As much as you may think more is more, the fill line is marked on the bin for good reason. Problems occur when the bin is moved and precariously stacked items slide off the top of the bin, causing injury. Stick to the fill line and everything will go much smoother.

Avoid Hazardous Waste
If you’re disposing of hazardous chemicals or looking at removing an asbestos roof, it may be best to call the professionals. Even common items such as car batteries, aerosols, and fluids from vehicles can be extremely dangerous in a skip, especially if they ignite. Dispose of these items in the proper manner and leave your skip for ordinary debris.

Don’t Sort Through the Skip
Sorting through your skip bin is a job best left to the company you hired it from. If you are halfway through filling the skip, and you decide you could create some more room, banish the thought and work with what you have. Chances are there will be rusty nails, shards of glass, and all manner of debris that could injure you. Stacking correctly from the outset will help eliminate this problem.

Keep the Kids at Bay
To children a skip bin may look like Aladdin’s cave. To pets it may look like an exciting place to forage. Keep your pets away from your skip, and ensure children stay at a safe distance.

Never Climb in Your Skip Bin
There are times when it may be necessary to climb in the bin but try and minimise these. Debris can subside suddenly and the last thing you want is to be buried underneath it. Similarly, never use your body weight to flatten items.

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5 Ways to Inject a Dose of Character into Your Home

Most people enjoy furnishing their homes and allowing the style to match their personal taste for a space that feels comfortable. With interior decorators costing thousands of dollars, it’s normal for homeowners to decorate the space themselves and do their best with the layout. Unfortunately, it can be easy to have a bland space that doesn’t look unique. To add character in your home and allow it to feel one of a kind, there are a few ways to enhance the design.

1. Use Wallpaper on Accent Walls

As one of the most popular interior design trends of the year, wallpaper has made its comeback and is more updated than your grandmother’s floral patterns on her walls. Apply the product to an accent wall in a living room, bathroom, or bedroom to add extra detail and dimension.

2. Reupholster Old Furniture

Instead of purchasing new furniture, opt for adding character in your home with old pieces that can be given a facelift. Shop flea markets and second-hand stores for great finds that can be upholstered with modern fabrics.

3. Install Contemporary Shutters

Enhance the look of your windows with easy to install shutters that offer a beautiful feature to both the interior and exterior of the home. The shutters will make for an easy upgrade from traditional blinds and will allow the space to feel cozy throughout the year.

4. Add Antique Features

Not every piece of decor has to serve a purpose in the home. Add extra character throughout the space by adding antique features, which can include an old tricycle that is placed near an entryway or weathered frames that are grouped together on the mantle. The features will each be one of a kind and look unique with their style.

5. Mismatch Different Pieces

For a look that is truly your own in the home, avoid having everything match and complement one another. Use different sizes and styles of mirrors on a wall, group old and new picture frames in the hallway, and use different fabrics on the couches for a warm space that doesn’t feel sterile.

To inject a dose of character in your home, it’s important to use pieces that you find in a variety of different stores or flea markets. Allow the space to stand out by adding different fabrics and patterns for a look that is hand-picked and comfortable.…

5 Essential Tools for Holiday Decoration

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to start decorating your home and property. Decorating is an art form and it takes the right tools as well as a healthy dose of creativity! While you won’t need an assortment of complicated tools, it’s important to assemble a number of essential tools that will help you get the job done. Let’s look at five important tools that will help you transform your home during the holiday season.

1. A Sturdy Ladder

Depending on how many stories your home has, you may need more than one ladder. A good stepladder is sufficient for indoor decorating and even some outdoor tasks. You may also need a solid extension ladder if you’re going to be installing decorations high up or on the roof. Make sure the ladder you use is well supported and have someone hold onto it for support while you’re working.

2. Extension Cords

Extension cords are a must for installing holiday lights. They come in many sizes, so be sure that you have ones that are long enough for your purposes. There are also cords for indoor and outdoor use. Only use cords that are UL-listed if you are going to use them outdoors.

3. Surge Protectors

A surge protector ensures that you can safely power a large number of lights indoors or outdoors. Depending on how ambitious your decorating plans are, you may need more than one surge protector. Keep in mind that power strips are not the same as surge protectors. Surge protectors are more powerful and designed to safely manage changes in electrical current.

4. Timer

A timer will allow you to save on power costs and preserve the life of your bulbs. This will allow you to program your lighting according to a schedule you prefer. Without a timer, you will have to manually turn lights off when you don’t need them, something you can easily forget to do.

5. Drills and Drill Bits

Quality drills and drill bits are essential for any work where you have to hang items such as lights or other decorations. If your current tools are worn out or rusty, you should consider purchasing some new ones from a reliable supplier such as Richards Micro-Tool.

These are some of the essential tools you should have handy before you begin decorating. When you have everything you need nearby, you’ll find it …

Energy Saving Appliance Hacks

Improving the energy efficiency in your home and cutting down on those energy expenses doesn’t always mean you have to buy the latest appliances or gadgets. By simply changing the way you use certain items in your home, you can get much more use out of them and much more value for money at the same time.

Cold Water Washes
Where possible, wash your clothes in cold water. This means that your washing machine does not have to use extra energy to heat the water, and your clothes will still be clean at the end. This may not be as effective for heavily stained clothes or fabrics, but for a regular wash, using cold water is an effective and energy efficient tactic.

High-Efficiency Bulbs
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are the latest innovation in low energy, high-efficiency lighting. Compared to the traditional 60 watt bulbs, CFLs use up to 75% less energy, which is a staggering amount. Studies have shown that the energy saved annually with the use of CFLs is equivalent to lighting 3 million homes, and preventing the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 800,000 cars. CFLs are available from most homeware stores and by installing these in your home or business, you will soon reap the financial rewards.

Use Lids on Pots and Pans
An incredibly simple, technology-free energy hack that will increase your efficiency by a surprising amount. Leaving the lids on pans when boiling water or food speeds up the time it takes for the water to be boiled, meaning the flame or hob needs to be turned on at a lower strength, for less time.

Avoid Standby Mode
Although very useful and time saving when it comes to switching on appliances like TVs, set top boxes and games consoles, standby mode consumes a significant amount of energy, even if it is a considerably smaller amount than when the appliances are left on. If you consider that you may leave your TV on standby when you leave for work in the morning, that is a full day of the TV still using power, even though nobody is watching it. Turn appliances like this off at the wall to save your electricity.

Air Drying Clothes
Using a dryer to get your clothes dry quickly is obviously a very attractive option, but dryers use a large amount of energy. Find a place where there is enough …