Blending Your Styles for Harmonious Living

decorating the houseWhen it comes to decorating style you and your partner can live with, it can be a stressful adventure! Whether you are living in the nicest apartments in Nashville or have bought a countryside house, finding balance and an appreciation for each other’s tastes takes time and, of course, a little patience.

Decorating S.O.S! “Start Out Simple”

Rather than tackling your entire home in a single decorating frenzy, experts recommend taking it one room at a time. If you spend a lot of time in one room, such as the bedroom or bathroom, you may want to consider using that particular room as a starting place. With a smaller space to concentrate on and less distraction, you will be able to plan out your design and color scheme in less time and with less confusion.

The Plaid Chair That Wouldn’t Go Away

So, your spouse is set on keeping a horrible piece of furniture and you cannot understand the emotional attachment he or she has to it? Keep in mind that personal taste and decorating is often an expression of how one feels about themselves and about particular people or times in their life. That horrible piece of furniture may have been a gift from a relative or friend who meant something special in your spouse’s life.  This is where tact and compromise come in.

Decide together where to put the furniture so that it might be enjoyed by your spouse and, at the same time, blend in with the surroundings. Remember, often a matching cushion or a throw will compliment an otherwise unattractive piece of furniture, and give it a brand new look!

What if your spouse simply cannot live with your favorite piece of furniture? This would be the time to decide just how important it really is to you and if it is worth the conflict in order to keep it. Discuss the situation and, if necessary, toss it.

Finding Common Ground

There was something that brought the two of you together in the first place – common goals, tastes, interests and love.  Sit down and have a discussion about the feelings you have about your home and what kind of statement you want to make about the two of you when you enter that room.

Do you want to feel comfortable yet chic? Organized and bold?  A list of colors you can agree on will also …